Bibliographic Description

Bibliographic Description:

  • Flack, Marjorie. The Story of Ping , illustrated by Kurt Wiese. New York: Viking, 1933
  • Both Cloth and Paper Bound

Cover Art:

1st Edition

  • 32 pages
  • No introduction on the flap of dust jacket.
  • Illustrated by Kurt Wiese, 32 Pages Illustrated in Pen, Ink, Colored Pencil
  • Sample Illustration:
  • Cover extends over entire front of book, Book is 23 cm. by 19 cm.  with font about .5 cm. high.
  • Font is easy to read with a simple serif font on a white background. The illustrations flow smoothly with the text without separating boxes.

Sample Page:

  • Paper seems thick and strong. Not glossy but stronger than the paper of most picture books.
  • Thick cardboard binding. Original had text on spine “The Story of Ping” and simple image of duck on front and back hard cover; actual cover image was on dust jacket. Later editions omitted the dust jacket and had the cover image on the actual binding.
  • The Story of Ping by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese. The Viking Press New York.  Copyright 1933 by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese, Renewed 1961 by Helma L. Barnum and Kurt Wiese. All Rights Reserved. Published Simultaneously In Canada. Library of Congress Card Number: 33-29356. Printed in U.S.A.  ISBN: 0-670-67223-8
  • No Verso

Image of Title Page:

  • Original manuscript: Don’t know where original manuscript is held but University of Oregon holds most of her sketchbooks and other materials.
  • Jacket Copy: “The Story about Ping by Marjorie Flack Lithographs by Kurt Wiese. Ping is a Peking duckling on a houseboat on the Yangtze River. Peking ducks actually do live on houseboats as is shown in the pictures and the master does call them and administer the tap of the switch to the last one up the gangplank at night, so this story might be true.             Marjorie Flack first became interested in Peking duck when she was working on “Angus and the Ducks” which has become a nursery favorite. The ducks were so smart that she wanted to know more about them. She found that they were originally from China and there were many amusing facts about them on which the base a story. So she wrote the story.            But she has never been to China and Kurt Wiese has lived there so she asked him to make the pictures.            For nursery age from 3 on up            see back flap            The Story about Ping is a rare combination of one artist-author making the pictures for another artist-author’s book.                         By Marjorie Flack            All the “Angus” books            Ask Mr. Bear            The Story About Ping            and others            By Kurt Wiese            Liang and Lo            Joe Buys Nails             and others            Lithographs for The Story About Ping

3. Publication History

  •  According to WorldCat, Spanish, French, Braille, Afrikaans editions were published. In addition many audio book versions were published.
  • Continuously in print. Could not find how many were published in first edition.
  • The Story About Ping was adapted into animation by Weston Woods.
  • The books original lithograph plates were destroyed during WWII and Kurt Wiese redid them for the later editions.
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